October 16, 2008


I requested blog topics from my g-chat friends...they had some good ideas:

1. football - fantasy and real

2. gopher hockey

3. winter activities/plans

4. rack focusing

5. art

6. school

7. movies/tv

so, i present to you, the most random jump from here to there post ever!

i'm in two fantasy football leagues this year - one I paid for, pay attention to, try hard and one that's free, i only know 2 of the other contestants and I usually forget to update my line-up. Go figure - the league that i tend to forget about, do nothing for: I'm 5-1. The league I try hard and work at: I'm 3-3. I'm not worried, though, it's where you end up in the end that couts.

Gopher hockey fans, bust out your maroon and gold wear. hey, hey drop the puck! that's right, the Gopher season is under way! I've got tickets to just one game this year, a birthday gift to myself. I'm hoping to see a few more games in person, though. The pre-season match-up was a good one, I've been told we look pretty good this year. Can't wait to see those boys in action! I <3 college hockey!

it wont be long until i board a plane headed south, the annual family get-together in FL. ah, sunshine, swimming, laughter, flea market-ing, and family time. i look forward to my week down south every fall. so what if our airline just declared bankruptcy, all i care about is getting there. my sister tells me that we'll rent a car and drive home if we have to - but i'll have to sit between the two kiddies. i'm interested to see what a 6am flight does for a 2yo and a 3mo. (our original flight was in the afternoon, but the airline switched it on us.)

other things i plan to do this winter: shiver, bundle up, trudge through snow. hmmm, oh, and attend the winter carnival for the first time since i was a child. it's on my list of "things to do before '09"

rack focusing: a close-up object is in focus, where the background is out of focus. it's a lovely technique used in both moving and still film. perhaps more on this, and the topic of art at a later date.

school is going well. the days i have class are long, lots of sitting quietly. my saving grace is that class is interactive. we're allowed to interupt with questions, help each other, and play around. the whole point of the class is to play around. this week we learned how to take a flat photograph and animate it, so it looks like the door is closing. pretty cool. we also spend time playing with music-mixing software. that's right, i am a one-girl band. the bad news is, all that sitting for about 15 hours a day, makes my rear-end hurt.

movies and tv...could be an entire week of posts! i'm addicted to tv. mostly it's my need for noise and something going on around me. i haven't watched any movies lately, but the shows i'm hooked on so far this year are: the wire, without a trace, csi, brothers and sisters, private practice, big bang theory, how i met your mother, svu, desperate housewives, private practice, the office, and grey's anatomy. yeah, i'm a tv-junkie (but it doesn't interfer with my social life, so I don't really have a problem. right?)

ok, that's enough rambling for now, kids. maybe i'll elaborate or hit some of those other points up later.

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