October 13, 2008

runin' around

friday night, i hung out with my 10yo cousin. we played wiffle ball in the back yard for about an hour. my chipotle dinner lurched in my stomach as i ran the bases. but, i couldn't help but giggle at his intensity in getting me out at second. we laughed hard during our one-on-one game. he's a man's boy, a die-hard sports fanatic (at age 3 he begged to go golfing at the cabin and stood quietly during t-shots), a jock through-and-through. when it was too dark to see the ball anymore, we retreated indoors. we opted to play with the wii fit, challenging each other in fitness activities. we tested our balance and strength skills. he beat me at the running event (i was winded and tired after the run-in-place race). we held our yoga poses and did a push-up challenge. he explained to me how to play the games. he empahtically told me of a really hard yoga pose: you stand with your legs straight and touch your toes. i looked at him quizzically, bent over to touch the floow (legs straight) and said "you mean like this?" he was stunned. "whoa! how'd you do that?" well, i've done yoga before, but i'm also really flexible. my one conquered yoga move was my small, humbling victory for the night. later we played online games, congragulating each other and laughing at the addictiveness. i had a very happy and fun friday night with my 10yo friend.

saturday morning, i was woken by a phone call, it was 9:30...the latest i've slept in for quite some time. i dressed and met some friends to play a lively game of touch football. the 3 v 3 game was spirited and fun, somewhat competetive. the weather was beautiful. you never really know what mid-october will be like here. it could snow or be rather warm, we were lucky enough to have an indian-summer day, low 70's, clear blue skies and sun-shiney. we traded all that gorgeousness in for a crazy down-pour lightning storm later in the evening, but it was worth it.

saturday night was a birthday party for a dear friend. we had drinks, delicious snacks and good conversation. it was a fairly low-key night, but great spending time with friends and catching up on things. i hope my friend enjoyed her birthday celebration.

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