October 20, 2008

email buddy

in case you are inebriated or in another state of mind that keeps you from thinking clearly, you can set up an email watch-dog on your gmail account. mail goggles (oh, what a funny pun off of beer goggles) utilizes math questions to make certain you really DO want to send out that email at 3am. the premise is that you are drunk.

you write a horrifically nasty, heart-spilling, or way-to-honest email at 2 in the morning, gmail assumes you are drunk, you must answer 5 math questions in a timely manner to actually send your email. presto! the drunken communication problem is solved! wait, there's not text goggles or phone goggles? yikes!

although mail goggles is a funny play on words and could prove useful to some people, i'm guessing that the number of drunken emails is significantly less than the number of drunken phone calls or texts. of course, my readers could prove me wrong by telling me their favorite form of drunken communication is the lengthy, mis-spelled, rambling email.

i guess we'll have to rely on our friends taking our phones away from us, or just sheer will power to not make inappropriate phone calls or texts which could be later used against us. although, sometimes those morning-after stories prove pretty entertaining.

*you must activate mail goggles for it to work. if you are too smart for simple arithmetic problems to slow you down when intoxicated, you're screwed.

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