October 22, 2008

odd mis-hap

i always wondered how those automatic arms at parking garages work. is there a sensor on them, so they know when a car goes through? would it ever crash down on a car? what if it doesn't work?

this morning, i found out. in our parking garage at work there are two entrance lanes. one is only for passes the other is for passes or ticket-takers. since the line on the passes only side was long, i opted for the other lane. i swiped my card and pulled forward. luckily i was paying attention (not in my usual morning haze). the electronic arm went up and came right back down. i stopped just short of the arm. i looked around, realizing there was a car behind me. i put my car in reverse and waited for the other car to back up. to use the call box, i would have to get out of my car, so i pushed the button and took a ticket, the arm went up and i was allowed to pass. guess there aren't sensors on those things. glad it didn't crash down on my car.

since i didn't want to somehow be held responsible for paying for the ticket i took, i stopped by the security desk on my way into the office (no, i don't work at fort knox, we have a security desk for the whole building, though). i explained to the very nice guard what happened and he said he'd take care of it. not 5 minutes later, a parking attendant showed up at my office (those security guards know their stuff, i didn't even have to tell him who i worked for). the parking attendant was very nice and made certain that me and my car were unharmed during this morning's events. he took my name to make sure that i didn't get stuck in the parking ramp at the end of the day. (i wouldn't be happy if i had to pay the $20 to get out of the lot, either.) an odd morning mis-hap was handled very nicely. although the situation was harmless and really not a big deal, i am happy to say that i was treated with concern and respect.

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