October 9, 2008

future plans and dreams in life

you tell me life is hard, I say...that's RIGHT.

have i ever told you the story of how i became a graphic designer? if i have, sorry...if not, read on.

my senior year of high school, i went to my future college for registration, math placement tests, ect. while i took care of these things my parents wandered through a job/career fair. i wasn't able to attend the job/career fair as we had to jet back to our home-town for softball playoffs. in the car, my mom tells me that she found something that she thinks i'd be really good at. in my teen-agey angst i listened quietly and disregarded most of what she was saying. (which is odd, because even then i listened to my parents advice, i knew they were smart people.) she was talking about the field of graphic design, which i had NO idea about. since i didn't know what she was talking about, i somewhat lost interest. i was planning on being either an elementary teacher or to go into marketing. fast forward roughly two years. it's my sophomore year of college, first semester, second week. i lug my giant kite-like portfolio bag to into to art, prepared to turn in my first assignment. the assignment that i did while watching tv and only half paying attention. the professor walked around to our tables, discussing our projects with the class. at the end of class he came up to me and asked my major. "marketing" i told him (i'd dropped the idea of being a teacher by this point). "hmmm" he said, "would you consider a double major?" i stared blankly at him, i had no idea where this was headed. he tells me that i have a good eye for design and that i'm talented. he tells me that i should at least consider a double major in graphic design. he tells me to go get some hand-outs in the art office.

i was confused, but also excited. did this guy really think that i'd be a good designer? did her really see some talent in me that i can't see myself? does he actually know what he's talking about? i mean i didn't even really try on that assignment, and it was just one assignment.

i processed for a few days, talking with roommates, my bf, my mom. the general consensus was that i should look into it. i was still reeling from my prof's comments. of course my mom gave me "didn't i tell you that already?" joking response with her encourage ment. a year and a half into school, i changed my major. instead of ledger sheets and trying to remember the difference between macro and micro economics, i opted for drawing pencils and computer software.

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