November 20, 2008

knock, knock...

who's there?
opportunity, who?
opportunity for you.

(ok, that doesn't even qualify as a joke.)
seriously though, opportunity has been knocking on my door. yesterday was a really good day, a fun day. Although I have a few pokers in the fire, I wanted to tell you about one particular thing, that almost was.
yesterday morning, my boss asked me when I would be back from my vacation (I'm heading south for a few days with the fam.). I informed him of my return date, his unexpected response "darn." I looked at him quizzically. "Let me show you something anyway."
He sat me down in his office and began to explain. One of our clients is putting together a reality tv show, about cowboys. They have an upcoming photo shoot in Dallas, TX (scheduled for when I'm on vacation). He wanted to send me to Dallas for 2 days to interview the 12 cowboys, so we could put together promotional stuff for the tv show and other events.
I squirmed in my seat a little. (THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN! I NEVER THOUGHT I'D HAVE A CHANCE TO TRAVEL FOR WORK.) I told him I really would like to do it, but he didn't want to interrupt my vacation. I practically ran back to my computer and emailed my mom. She shortly wrote back, a bit of excitement in her reply. My insides were jumping up and down, so I closed the door and called my parents. My dad was surprised to hear my voice, but had already heard about my email. I explained the whole deal to him. His response surprised me some. He said "you don't get to pick when opportunities come along. If you want to do it, then DO IT! Wont bother us none, we still get to spend 4 days with you." He was excited for me. We talked some, figured out a reasonable game plan and I marched back into my boss' office. "I'll do it." I laid out my requirements. My boss was hesitant about interrupting my vacation and family time. I re-assured him that I was excited about the opportunity. Photoshoots are pretty fun to attend, even though I've only ever been to product shoots (no human models). The idea of interviewing some up-coming tv cowboys sure sounded like a good time. Although it looks like my flying to Dallas may not work out after all, it was sure fun to think about. The next time opportunity knocks, I'll be sure to answer right away!

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doahleigh said...

Wait, so are you not going then?