November 17, 2008

fondue and pajamas

it was girls night on saturday. i had 8 girlfriends over to my house for a fondue party, in pajama pants, which was also a sleepover. once a month, we try to dedicate one evening to just the girls. it's important to us to stay close and make dedicated time for one another. and i couldn't ask for a better group of girlfriends.
we had meat fondue, and roasted veggies with cheese fondue. we also had lots of snacks and some delicious cupcakes. a couple of the usuals weren't able to attend, but hopefully we'll see them at next months event (and I'm sure before then).
It's so refreshing to spend a night chatting with my gal-pals, catching up on things, discussing important topics and just being there for each other. Everyone's excited about each others accomplishments, we're supportive about life-changes and a great support system for one another.
Fondue is such a fun, social dinner plan. Everyone participates in cooking, there's lots of variety, and of course: laughter. It was really great, hanging out in pj's, too. It was such a relaxing and comfortable evening. We put an adult spin on the greatness of pre-teen hangouts. We got back to the days of telling secrets and giggling late into the night. It reminded me of the great fun childhood was, but also how great girlfriends are.


adriana said...

What a fabulous idea! Sounds like so much fun!

doahleigh said...

Sounds so fun and so yummy!