November 7, 2008

Week Long Update

I don't really know why, but things seem to be really busy lately. Lots of running around, things to tend to. I know I haven't really written much recently, so I'll try to bring you up to speed, without boring you to tears.

I already posted about my Halloween fun and 6-hours of live hockey (guess I've written more than I thought). Sunday's weather was fantabulous, which was a major mood saver for me. I went on an hour long walk, soaking up the sunshine and fall leaves in an attempt to lift my mood. Saturday I got some sad news, which had potential to get worse. I couldn't shake the bad feelings, but the walk gave me a chance to really think things over and I opted to focus on the positives and hope for the best. Not sure if my positive thinking had anything to do with it, but things turned out pretty much as best as they could. Long story short: a family member of mine had surgery yesterday, and it looks like the problem was solved. I'm very, very greatfull for that. I also read that willikat's dad's surgery went well, so double bonus. I hope both of their recoveries go easily.

on a lighter note, class was good this week. I'm really looking forward to our next project and next week's class. I'm sure there will be more on that in the near future. today it is snowing. it's a light, snow-globe kinda snow, nothing that will stick. it was a little comforting to wake up with the light dusting clinging to the rooftops and trees. I really enjoy the changing of the seasons. I'm ready for boots and sweaters and cuddling up with blankets in front of the fire place. Also, it's really hockey season, which is a great thing!

I also got together with a life-long friend this week. I've known her since I was 5, we've been good friends since the 8th grade. We have different schedules, travel in different friend groups. Our friendship is one where we sometimes go months without seeing or hardly talking to each other, but we always pick up right where we left off. Both of us know that if we need someone, we're there, no question about it. We used to finish each other's sentences. We've been through many things together, know each other's families inside and out. She's practically like family.

I also have to say that a good conversation, about nothing in particular can be an amazing thing. Sunday, I had a long talk with a friend, we caught up on things and just chatted. I felt very refreshed and in a good mood afterwards. Just sharing mundane life-things with a good friend warms my heart.

That's been my week, mostly. I may be leaving a detail or two out, but hopefully I wasn't too boring. (That's assuming you even wanted to be brought up to speed about angie's world.) Happy Friday, guys.

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