November 10, 2008

bargain basement lady

i'm a bargain shopper, i appreciate a good deal. over the weekend i went out to trader joes to stock up on the amazing wine deals that i've heard tell about. i was met with many, many options ranging in price from a few dollars to mid teens. i recognized a few bottles that i know sell for $2-3 dollars more per bottle at most liquor stores. when you're experimenting, buying in bulk or just being a wino, saving a few bucks on a bottle is a good deal. my real excitement came when i found the small, but well stocked beer section. my eye was first caught by a pumpkin beer. then i saw many german words i couldn't really say, sierra nevada, some bock beers, and so on. i gaped at the $5.99 per 6-bottles. i grabbed a pumpkin pack and a hoffer bock (or something of that nature) pack and walked to the register. 2 6-packs of beer and 5 bottles of wine cost me just over $30. i practically skipped out of the store in glee. my little wine rack shall never go barren again.
i tried the pumpkin beer last night, it was delicious. very fall in flavor, a sense of crisp leaves and warm sun were somehow captured in that bottle of hops. i'm excited to sample the bock. trader joes also allows you to build your own 6-pack, mixing and matching different kinds together. i think i'll give that a whirl next time i head out there. drinking has just become more affordable : )


Stacy said...

That sounds AWESOME! I love me a good pumpkin beer :)

willikat said...

ah, joe's. love that place. :) did you go it alone???
we had that pumpkin beer at work, but alas, since i don't really like beer, i passed on that one.