December 30, 2008

12 posts of Christmas

12. I'm really lucky, I got to spend time with both family and friends.
11. Watching the enthusiasm of my nephew play with new toys.
10. 7 children under the age of 4 shreiking with holiday cheer.
9. 4-day weekend, complete with lazy mornings and sleeping in.
8. a new Wii, which told me my fit age was 41, the next day I was 30, yesterday I matched up at 27 (Benjamin Button's got nothing on me).
7. Summer of '09 travel plans are shaping up nicely.
6. a sweet holiday email.
5. delicious food.
4. lots of laughter.
3. Good health news for my aunt.
2. Friends and family made it home safely.
1. Good health, friendship, and love.

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