December 23, 2008

12 tidbits of Christmas (in no particular order)

1. two days until Christmas. I'm done shopping. Gifts are wrapped and under the tree.
2. Gave my first Christmas gift last night. It was much appreciated.
3. Gearing up for 4 straight days of Holiday Cheer and Celebration.
4. This is the snowiest Christmas I can remember in recent history. I spin out just about every day, driving. (I'm getting tired of snow-driving.) I'm not a bad snow-driver, I'm actually quite good...but, I have a light car and there's lots of snow.
5. I'm the most excited about giving my nephew and sister their Christmas gifts.
6. I made breakfast for my co-workers last week, they loved it.
7. Good friends are in town from across the pond, can't wait to see them. Holiday friend party on Friday, always a good time.
8. I passed my class!
9. A few of my holiday wishes have come true, particularly the health and wellness ones!
10. I watched basketball and didn't hate it. I actually learned something. (Maybe it was the company.)
11. the work website is up and running. it's been a long-time coming, and continues to be an on-going process, but it's up!
12. I have my wonderful family and fabulous friends to be thankful for and celebrate the holidays with. For both, I am beyond greatful.
Happy Holidays, all.

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