December 8, 2008

up and down

it was a super busy weekend. homework, errands, holiday decorating, dinner, and so on... it was a really good, busy weekend. although, there were some pretty low parts to it as well. friday night i had some more bad news, of the same variety as a few weeks ago. i don't want to get into it really, but i'm a little nervous. these things usually come in threes, which leaves me hoping that this time it doesn't. mostly, i'm thinking good thoughts for those involved.
ok, on to the more fun parts! Friday I put up my Christmas tree and decorated the house. I LOVE Christmas lights! and decorations. and general merryment. the month of December is always hectic, but enjoyable. I love how friendly and nice people seem to be. I love all the friend and family get-togethers. I love buying gifts and giving them. it really is a magical time of year.
Saturday I braved the shopping mall and got a little bit closer to finishing my holiday shopping. I bought a couple of things for myself too. I know, you aren't supposed to buy yourself things when you're Christmas shopping, but I have trouble passing up a good deal. I finished the day with a lovely dinner and movie with a wonderful person.
Sunday was cold, snowy, blustery. A little bit more Christmas shopping and homework. Now it's back to the work-week. 2 More classes to go, before the quarter is over. I've got some homework to do in the mean-time.

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Stacy said...

Yay for the holidays!

I hope things turn out for the better :)

I'm here if you need to talk...