December 17, 2008


Hear at FOAM, we occasionally like to:
1) see if you are paying attention
B) offer learning opportunities
Today's post does both.

I have a word of the day for you: Namaste
Namaste derives from Sanskrit, literally meaning "I bow to you"
in yoga, Namaste is said at the end of each session by both students and teacher, meaning "all the good in me acknowledges all the good in you." (or "the light in me honors the light in you.")

I love yoga for many reasons. It's calming, centering, healthful. It reconnects me with my body. I slowly work out the kinks and enjoy the stretch and flexibility of it. I am also enamored with the great respect surrounding yoga. The respect for myself, my body, my mind, my being, as well as the respect for others around me. It's not a competition of any kind. It's an awareness, and a kindness. Yoga empowers many things that I think the world needs.

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