January 1, 2009

M & M's

I was lucky enough to see the Artificial Swedeners during their brief holiday visit. It was great to catch up with them and chat, just like old times. M and I even managed to have lunch together. What a great hour of chatting, just like she'd never left. Makes me miss her a little more just writing this. She was sweet enough to remember my new niece and requested a blog post. So, here it is...the niece blog post.
Maddie, who I like to call Maddie Pants, is just 5 months old. She looks so much like my sister (her mom) did when she was a baby...complete with round, chubby cheeks. Adorable. After my sister had her, my mom and I went through a box of old baby clothes that used to be mine. We threw out ones that were really out of date, and kept a few honored treasures. Those clothes were passed on to my niece.
Maddie is starting to sit up on her own and can scoot herself in circles, but just refuses to roll over. I think she's going to be one of those stubborn kids that doesn't crawl, and just starts walking. (My sister would argue with this, but Maddie gets her stubborn ways from her mother.) All-in-all she's a great baby. She's a good sport when Jack is getting all the attention. She'll let anyone hold her. Mostly, she hangs out, looks around and is content. She does scream her little head off when she gets too warm, not much tolerance for that. But, you take her socks off, and she's as happy as can be.
When my family celebrated our Christmas this year, my sister surprised my mom and I, by putting Maddie Pants in an old dress of mine. I know I'm too young to remember actually wearing the dress, but I have a special connection with it. Here's a picture of me with Maddie in my prized green clown dress.
My sister claims Maddie cried a lot when she put the dress on her. I doubt the 5mo has that much of a fashion opinion yet. At any rate, I greatly enjoyed seeing her in my old dress. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, Haunakkah, Kwanza, etc. And a joyous New Year!

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Miranda and/or Scott said...

I'm finally pirating an internet signal tonight - super cute picture of you girls! Thanks for the post! m