January 2, 2009

2008 in review

2008 has come and gone. Hard to believe. I've come up with an Alphabet of 2008 events.
Adventures: zip-lining in the rain forest of St. Lucia. Carribbean travels. NYC.
Birthday: it was a big birthday for me, my golden. I turned 27, an age that forever seemed far-off.
Class: Completed one college class on Motion Graphics.
Dates: Yes. Some much better than others.
Entertainment: saw Wicked on Broadway.
Farewell: two wonderful friends who (temporarily) moved to Sweden this year.
Gifts: a sapphire necklace from my family for my golden birthday.
Health: I had a pretty healthy year. 2 great health reports for loved ones.
Imposter: I had my credit card number stolen.
Juggling: full-time work, part-time work, class, friends, family and social life.
Kids: My nephew is 2, and I added a niece at the end of July.
Learned: I have a say and I do not have to play by your rules.
Memorable Moments: girls nights, my birthday party, Halloween night. a missed text-message, but a great night of pizza and a movie.
New: I've made a few new friends this year, one in particular. School. Fall softball. Yoga class.
Old: many of my friendships have matured and grown into deeper relationships, new friends are becoming old friends.
Places visited: St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, NYC, Ft. Myers
Qualities: I've been trying to be more understanding of different people and their opinions.
Read: James Patterson books - thrilling and captivating. Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential also gets an honorable mention.
Sweet words: I tend to take compliments with a bit of hesitation, but a few stick out: "You're beatiful." "That was very thoughtful of you." "I miss your face." "I missed you." "Can't believe xxx met you first."
Totally unexpected: "Hi. I'm xxx, I was told to meet you."
Undone: I came undone about 3 times this year. All had to do with past relationships. Seeing things in a new light and standing firm for what is in my own best interest is both empowering and very difficult. I was fortunate enough to have great support from great friends.
Venture: nothing ventured, nothing gained. A new friend told me he wasn't very outgoing, hesitant to meet new people. I told him the worst that can happen is someone new rejects you, but that just means they suck.
Work: same place, same job. I got our website up and running. A 4+ year project.
X-rated: I wont tell. J/K, but we now have HBO and after watching a DVD, C & I accidentlly turned back on to an adult-related film that was airing. Ooops.
Youth: I still don't feel old. Sometimes I'm surprised at what I have accomplished, at such a young age. Sometimes I wonder how I can already be 27, it doesn't feel like that long.
Zeal: new things, new friends, new relationships.

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