January 16, 2009

rainy day

I've been at a loss for inspiration lately. the things I think to write about, I don't really want to write about...sorry folks. Life's been a battle of ups and downs lately. It seems that some of you are also having a disheartened start to 2009. It's certainly unfortunate. I feel a bit helpless, worried, strained. I am trying my best to focus on the positives and keep these things pushed deep back in my mind. They are out of my control anyway. By now, I feel a bit numbed.
For weeks, my Jayhawks cd has not left my car's cd player. It's almost always set at the beginning of song 4. I've kind of adopted it as my theme song, it also serves as a pick-me-up. Reminding me there are brighter times ahead.
Pretty little hairdo, don't do what it used to.
Can't disguise the living, all the miles that you've been through.
Lookin' like a train-wreck, wearing too much make-up
the burden that you cary is more than one soul could ever bear.
so sad, don't look so sad Marina, there's another part to play.
so sad, don't look so sad Marina, save it for a rainy day.
save it for a rainy day...
(life isn't terrible, but it's certainly presenting its challenges right now.)

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