January 13, 2009

dream a little dream

last week was hectic and stressful, and a little bit of a mess. but, things are looking up.
I got a few bits of good news, which has relieved a lot of my concerns. I had kind words and support from many friends, which is more important than they may realize. for some reason the 80's pop hit "that's what friends are for" is on repeat in my head today. thanks to anyone who sent well-wishes or good thoughts my way.
in an un-related event: i had the oddest dream last night. (yes, i'm the girl who rarely dreams.) i remember traveling, staying in a foreign place at someone else's house. what i remember most, and what was so odd about the dream was that i dug some gooey junk out of my eye. it was a fairly large mass of goo, that i kept playing with and pulling apart. eventually i dug an almond out of the goo (from my eye). yes, somehow i dug an almond out of my eye in my dream. weird, right? right! when i remembered my dream this morning, i started giggling to myself. WTF? that's just so strange. so, being the curious cat that i am, i wondered what a dream interpretation would say. so, I looked online...
To dream that you have something in your eye, represents obstacles in your path. Alternatively, it may represent your critical view and how you tend to see faults in others.
To see almonds in your dream, signifies that after a short period of sorrow and grief, you will experience great wealth. You will have time for reflection and leisure.
hmmm...so, if my dream were somehow indicative of the future, I guess I'm in for some kind of obstacle that leads to sorrow, followed by great wealth and leisure. um, I think I'd rather skip the obstacle and sorrow and just enjoy a moderate life. that sounds find to me.

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