February 17, 2009

Blues Rock

Friday night, I hit up a local bar with friends to experience some Blues Culture. It was a really great time!
We saw Eddy Clearwater. An older guy, I'd place him near 70, who could strum a guitar and croon all with a giant chicklet grin on his face. He had a soulful and raspy blues-appropriate voice. He rocked hard and mellowed out. The blues were not just about sadness, there was a lot of jive and heavy beats presented. he first came on stage with a black silk shirt with rhinestones and jewels adorning the shoulder area. He was rock and roll meets country, especially with his cow print hat (which I was especially excited about, becaues it matches my purse). As far as costume goes, though, he had some fierce competition. There was the 80-ish year old man in a tux, complete with top-hat, who cut a rug like no one's business. There was also the hip African American woman in a slinky, skin-tight tube dress and leggings...her hair though, stole all the attention. Bleach blond, razzored short, with plastered waves adorned the crown of her head, but the bottom of her hair was jet black and long. I can't appropriately describe it. We debated if she was wearing a weave, hair piece, or even a hat.
We thoroughly enjoyed Eddy's songs and certain excitement in being on stage. He even sang "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" - one of my fave Ottis Redding songs (and NO, I didn't have to look that one up).
After break, Eddy came on stages in an eye-catching gold version of his previous shirt...complete with matching jewel adornments. He seems to be quite the character.
Friends & I had a great evening of culture, people-watching, and blues listening. Eddy Clearwater put on a good show.

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