February 11, 2009

bust out

our work email has been down, broken, un-usable for all of yesterday and continuing into today. i was teased with a few, random escapee emails that somehow made it through the invisible fortress that's holding the rest of my work emails hostage. of course, the most important of the emails i was waiting on are still stuck out in cyberspace somewheres. who knows about the outbound emails that i attempted to send yesterday. yikes! it's supremely crippling to work in a technological field without email capabilities. i've succumbed to using my yahoo account for work things. it's totally screwing up my mo-jo. i'm off kilter, flustred, a bit broken myself. Luckily the internets still works...so i can blog and listen to online peppy music (80's classic "girlfriend" by Pebbles is on right now...yeah, i had to check itunes for the name & artist)...err, i mean i'm glad the internet works for subsidizing my email needs.
this is a bittersweet taste of yesteryear. except, back then, we weren't dependent upon the immediate send/receive that our computers provide to us. i'm kind of a techno-junkie at work, NEEDING to be connected. online is my life-line from 8-5. i'd probably be curled up in a ball under my desk, sucking my thumb and rocking if the internet ever imploded. seriously, it IS that bad.
ok...so, enough of the cry baby "my email doesn't work" bull.
how about a list of things to lift your mood or recover from a bad day? ok.
1. old school tv comedies... Cosby Show, Happy Days, Family Matters, Friends
2. Peppy Music - think 80's rock jams
3. sunshine (this gets tough in MN in the winter, but even a few moments of rays can seriously brighten a mood)
4. yummy food... added happiness if it's made by someone else. (casseroles/hot dishes and take out are awesome)
5. drinks... best when consumed with friends. happy hours were created for a reason.
6. seriously funny stuff... jokes, movies, stand-up (Dane Cook's pretty awesome)
7. exercise. (yeah, if you're in a foul mood, it's at the bottom of the to-do list, but i promise it helps, even if it's only a couple of minutes worth)
8. dessert. (anything goey, chocolatey, warm, or sugary)
9. Smiling at someone else... 9 out of 10 times, they'll smile back.
Happy Day, Kids.

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