March 25, 2009

sports girl

earlier this week I changed my cell ringer to the "NFL on Fox" theme song. What girl does that? Better yet, I was on the (home) phone with my mom, when my cell rang. Her immediate question "are you watching football?" We both laughed as I explained my new ring tone. I <3 my mom, and that she can easily and quickly identify the sounds of football.
Last night we reveled in the humor of my ring tone, once again. she informed me that she just HAD to tell my dad, who of course also laughed. My mom and I went on to have a conversation about the lack of sports-enthused females. Don't get me wrong, I have friends who like sports, who watch and play. At the same time, many a boy has been surprised by my (intelligent) sports-talking ability.
Hey, I took 1st and 4th the last two years in my fantasy football league. (The first year I may have had a little help.) Just because I paint my nails and wear dresses, doesn't mean I can't tell you exactly what I think of the Vikings' QB situation.
In a related story...
Actual Trivial Pursuit (old-school version) question:
In what sport do you rack your balls?

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