April 2, 2009

music to my ears

we all know I am not a music guru, heck I know the words to some songs, that's about the extent of my musical knowledge.
Back in 2004, however, I was listening to NPR at work. Very often the radio is white noise for my while I work, I rarely pay attention (which is why I don't listen to much talk radio anymore). On this particular day, my attention was grabbed by some very soulful and emotional singing. The breathy jazz sounds enraptured me. The interview began, and shocked me by announcing the singer as Queen Latifah. I was astounded. This was QL's first break away from rap music. She wanted to explore the sounds and music that very deeply influenced her life. She chose great musicians to emulate, such as Al Green and the Mamas and the Papas. Her newest album, the Dana Owens Album (her real name) features a melodic voice matching great instrumental tones and even some inspiring duets.
I've always loved jazz music. The deep, raspy voice of Louis Armstrong. The bell of Etta James' singing, and so on. Hearing Queen Latifah belt out some very classic tunes, making them her own, was a real treat for me. I bought the CD and listened to it over and over. Whenever I feel the need for some meaningful music, I find my Dana Owens Album. If you like jazz music at all, I'd recommend checking it out. If I could sing like anyone, I think it would be like Queen Latifah.

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