March 10, 2009

Then why'd you do it?

when you were a small person, do you remember your parents asking why you did something? I remember being asked that a lot. "if you knew it was wrong, why'd you do it?" my usual response, as most kids... I don't know.
as small people, I think we sometimes have to do things just to push the limits. Maybe it's to see what would happen, maybe it's to see if we can get away with it, maybe we just have a bit of devilishness in us and have to be naughty from time-to-time. I guess as we get older, we choose to color inside the lines sometimes - and sometimes, we deliberately run amok. The older I get, I find that I'm the only person who can really ask myself "why." Other people can say the word, but ultimately, I don't really have to own up to anyone but myself. Not like when I was 6 and hit my sister, back when my parents had authority over me, disciplined me. Now, the choice and decisions I make are all my own. That's not to say that my actions can't or don't affect anyone else. It's more to say that the days of my parents guiding and teaching me to be a good person are kind of over. It's up to me now.

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