March 12, 2009

lipstick on a pig

FOAM has a new look...for those of you who read on a blog-roll, check it out when you get a chance. (yes, the graphic designer uses a pre-made template on her blog...rather than taking the time to put together some snazzy graphics...maybe someday).

it's cold.
it snowed. again.
more bad news.
I'm considering not reading the news paper anymore.
nor online news.
the economy makes me sad.
it also scares me.
more businesses are nearing bankruptcy.
household names may become faded memories in a few months.

Here in MN, winter gets long. Around March we get antsy for warm sunshine. I get the itch to change my wardrobe. I long for sandals and sun dresses. More importantly, I long for strong prolonged exposure to Vitamin D (the sun) and natural heat (the sun). I'm trying real hard to not let the current weather or state of the economy get me down. It's hard though. I'm so grateful that I still have a job. Hockey season is culminating, the boys high school state tournament is this weekend. St. Patrick's Day party this weekend = good times, good friends. A family get-together is planned for the weekend, too. Despite the not-so-great things happening, I'm making a point to focus on the good stuff. Warmer weather, and hopefully more-stable times, are just around the corner.

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doahleigh said...

Yes! This is the time of year I start to become convinced that winter may never end. It has been snowing since November. That was four months ago!