March 13, 2009

what have you done?

i bought a plane ticket, to get me out of here, been working at a convenience store, managed to save just a little bit o' money. (thank you Tracy Chapman). ok, not really "to get me out of here" more to visit friends and explore new lands. in roughly 3 months I'm going to Sweden! a few friends and I have decided to jump across the pond and visit our artificial swedeners, two friends who are living in Sweden for about 2 years. Our plane tickets are purchased, and the rest of the plans need to be finalized, but baby, I'm going. I'm so excited! I've never been to Europe. I've never been on a real trip with just my friends. I get to travel with 3 really great girls. I get to see where my friends have been living for a year already, plus personal tour-guides around town.
I know the trip will be a LOT of walking...sightseeing, drinking, eating, merriment. I'm already mentally packing, figuring out what I'm going to need, what things I'll want to bring. How to pack efficiently. The other day, I shopped for cute and comfortable sandals. that's a difficult combination. i finally settled on a brown pair of "strictly comfort" sandals. i hope they live up to their name. there is snow on the ground here, it was 4 degrees a few days ago, and i just bought sandals! (i think i'm more than a little crazy.) well, i'm looking forward to the trip. if you've been to Sweden (or Denmark), pass on any tips or points-of-interest you have.
Happy weekend, kids. (Don't drink too much green beer.)

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doahleigh said...

Hey where did you get your sandals? I need some comfortable shoes for Ireland. Though I guess since it might be a little chilly and wet when I go, tennis shoes might be more appropriate.