April 14, 2009

groove your bod

all of those advertising campaigns about grooving your body for 10 minutes at a time (3 times a day)- walking the dog, gardening, etc... yeah, that's an exercise plan I can stick with. I just read an article from Livestrong.com about the everyday things you can do to keep in shape. I already subscribe to many of these ideas: cleaning the house (they suggest adding in squats and such...I just crank the music and rock out); walking - on the escalator, taking the stairs when possible, parking further from the store, etc; dancing - any time my friends and I hit a bar to dance the night away it's always one of the best workouts I get (that's not sad, I dance like crazy); my favorite of all: shopping! Who can argue with that?!?! there's lots of walking, carrying, moving about. The article suggests working in extra steps, but if you're a good power-shopper, there isn't any need. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw "Shopping is my cardio."
I figure that any movement I do counts towards some kind of exercise - walking to the bank for work, strolling around the block, sweeping out the garage, softball...it all adds up. I think that chores and errands are wonderful supplements to the usual workout plans. Of course, mixing in a few runs or bike rides helps too. With this wonderful weather we've been having, getting outside is such a treat. I've even managed to go on a couple of runs (which is really more like jogging). A healthy lifestyle doesn't necessarily center around the gym, treadmills, or weights - a healthy lifestyle is more about living an active life. That activeness can be focused on anything you enjoy doing. Just get up and move.

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strieges said...

I totally agree with the "groove your bod" philosophy. Of course I like exercise, but there are so many small things that most people don't even notice...in the last month I started biking the mile and a half to the train station instead of walking the same distance...my diet and exercise levels remained the same, but at the end of the months I was two to three pounds heavier. I like the time saved by biking vs. walking, but if you have the time, by all means, choose the more strenuous option!