April 22, 2009

make a difference

do you ever wonder how your life has impacted others? what kind of difference you've made?
sometimes our impact is obvious, like teaching a child how to read.
other times, our impact is stated - in the thankfulness of a friend.
sometimes our impact goes unrecognized.

I began thinking about this after a conversation with a friend. this person commented on the importance of friends who have your best interest at heart. s/he stated how friends were like family, how trusted they were to give advice. how a real friend asks questions out of true love and concern, not out of a need for dirt. sometimes, I wonder how different life would be, if I didn't have the friends I have. I recognize my personal growth, as well as the great support system that I have established as I have developed friendships. this does include leaving toxic relationships, as well. but, I also wonder what life for others would be like without me. do I really make a positive difference? I really hope I do, because I think that's a very important part of being a good friend, a good person.

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