April 23, 2009

paying bad guys

over the last few days, our local paper posted a series of 3 articles about a corrupt cop investigation. the accusations and investigation were based on a known gang leader / drug distributor and a paid informant who was connected.
Trump: the known gang leader and drug distributor was coerced into cooperating with the police investigation of dirty cops due to an imminent drug charge.
Sheila: a paid informant, who's husband was killed in a drug-related matter and her son was a gangster. She's connected and in-the-know both with police and with drug-dealers.

The investigation started off with Sheila talking of dirty cops offering confidential information to Trump in return for money and prostitutes. The investigation team had substantial evidence that would put Trump away for decades, they decided to use this to persuade Trump to help the investigation.

I understand why police officials sometimes lessen consequences for criminals, in return of frying bigger fish. As it turns out, in this case, the investigators were pretty much played. Sheila expanded on her "story" to keep the payments coming in for her information. Trump, on the other hand, couldn't keep his story straight. Seems to me that there isn't anything to keep "straight" - the truth is the truth. Basically, these two informants spent hundreds (maybe even thousands) of man hours, tax payer dollars, and resources to ultimately bring down one cop who took $200 in bribe money and committed tax evasion.

The part that really aggravates me is that Trump owns a $900,000 house, with an indoor pool. He also owns a house in Minneapolis. Besides that, he was allowed to rome free, enjoying his lifestyle while he "helped" the investigation. he lived better than a good portion of the metro area. don't you think his houses should be sold off and the money should go to some worthy cause? perhaps drug education for students, or cleaning up some of the bad neighborhoods in Minneapolis. my rationale here is that he "earned" his money being a drug trafficker and gangster, neither of which benefit any community. do some good in this world.

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