May 20, 2009


electronics are taking over our lives. we live in a constantly-connected world. blackberries, iphones, email, texts we have forms to communicate non-stop, no matter where we are. it's actually quite exhausting (and I don't even have internet on my cell).
in some ways, it's great being so readily connectable. last-minute change of plans or meeting up with friends has become much less about planning ahead and much more about hurried texts or quick phone calls. I recently read that books and magazines will soon become a thing of the past. that concept really blows my mind. people have been reading off paper for centuries, thanks to Mr. Gutenberg's printing press invention around 1440. I can't quite imagine curling up with my laptop to read a few chapters before bed. That idea seems less comforting than turning actual pages.
with that said, I have to share a new discovery. Designers, marketers, presenters alike might be interested to know that you can create your own interactive "book" online for free! I chose to post this representation because 1) it's about food (and we know how much I <3 food) and 2) there is some very nice design in this e-mag. click on the image to check it out.

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