May 22, 2009

tuck and roll

Monday was a gorgeous day here. It was mid 70's and sun-shiney. I was itching to get outside. As lunch approached, I decided to take my work-out outdoors. I headed out for a quick mid-day run. I ran along the bridges and river front. I wove through people and gulped in the sunshine. As I was nearing back to the office, I made my way past several school children playing various games in the park. That's when it happened. My toe caught on a precariously jutting sidewalk brick. I stumbled, nearly caught myself, and then crashed to the rough path. Skinning the palms of my hands and cutting my ankle, I sprang back up as fast as I could. I took at quick glance around. Despite the very many people around, no one seemed to have noticed. Lucky for me, my embarassing crash to the ground left little evidence on my body. The rest of my way back, I laughed at my own ridiculousness.

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