May 8, 2009

shameless plug

I don't normally hype local establishments on my blog...I'm not against it, I just don't normally do it. A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a local bar that has tons of games. She thought it was a blast and recommended we all go sometime. I have yet to go with her, but I did make it there last night.
The Chatterbox has 3 twin cities locations - 2 in Minneapolis and 1 in St. Paul. Last night, we hit-up the St. Paul location. Between fantastic beer, good food, and old-school board games it was a super fun night! (of course, the company was awesome as well!) We faced off in 2 rounds of Battleship, while we ate dinner. The french fries and their own brewed beer were phenomenal! Other night-favorites were Yahtzee, Checkers, and Cribbage. What a fun way to spend an evening - eating, drinking, and challenging each other in childesque board games. The Chatterbox also has old school Nintendo, Sega and Atari games. Thursday nights they have music bingo at the St. Paul location, which was really fun, too. They played a fantastic mix of old and new music.
If you're looking for a fun, child-meets-grown-up night out, hit up the Chatterbox. So. Much. Fun.

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