May 28, 2009

True Story

The first date, a true story.
The evening started off beautifully. A slightly crisp spring night with a clear blue sky. He took her to dinner at a local hot-spot. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. Their next stop was an arcade for some competition. She proved herself, winning two rounds of hoops and a game of darts. Laughing at her good luck, because it certainly wasn't skill (ok, maybe a little). He seemed a little thrown-off, but impressed. He redeemed himself in a few more boy-friendly games. They opted to end their gaming fun at a tie. The night was going very well. They decided to continue on to a bar for some live music. Heading through downtown towards uptown, they crossed many one-way streets. Laughing and enjoying the conversation, both were surprised to see police lights flick on behind them. Of course, he spit out a couple of swear words. "You've got to be kidding me." Despite being a bit frazzled, maybe even a little embarassed, he was polite to the officer. Apparently he made a right hand turn on a red light, when it was illegal to do so. Neither of them had seen the sign. The cop wrote a ticket and wished them a good night. A $150 ticket. She offered a sympathetic smile and offered to end the evening. He smiled, but politely refused. "I'm not letting anything ruin tonight." The rest of the way to uptown, they hashed out the events of the ticket, both unable to remember a "no turn on red" sign. By the time they arrived at the bar, the conversation had changed to somethinig more pleasant. She was impressed by his reasonably calm reaction to getting such a lame ticket. They danced and sang-along to the music, rounding out a wonderful evening. On the drive home, they both laughed at the ridiculousness of getting a ticket on their first date. It's one of those stories you hear about, but never know anyone that it's actually happened to. What a story.

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doahleigh said...

So cryptic. Is it you? A friend? A character in a book? Will we ever know? :)