May 26, 2009

very important

seems like a lot of bloggers are at a loss for what to write about lately. I'm certainly no exception. I thought about voicing my opinions on the MN kid with cancer who has been making national news. Maybe I will write about that, at some point. I am interested in what you guys think.
A few other blog ideas came to mind, but then I read 19 Reasons' post and decided to go this route. First, I would like to say that I'm sorry to hear about both of your grandmas, K. My kind thoughts are with you.
19 Reasons made an excellent point in her blog: Grandmas are important.
So. Very. True.
13.5 years ago, my grandparent population dropped by one significant person. I have been lucky to hang on to both of my grandmas. I love both my grandmas, but am significantly closer to my Mom's mom. Our personalities are much more in-sync. We love to shop, craft, do things. We talk on the phone when she winters in Florida. We play cards at the cabin. We laugh, golf, shop, walk together. She sends me email forwards. I'm very proud of her. She's survived the past 13.5 years without the love of her life. She is a real trooper, smiling through 10+ hour days of galavanting around Epcot or Universal with our family. She bakes delicious treats. She throws her head back and slaps her knee when she laughs. She's a bit stubborn. She still travels. She plays with the little kids, but remembers the big ones, too. She asks about my life. She cries when we ask her to make a family toast at Christmas - she gets so overwhelmed by her family, her offspring. She loves diamonds, and my grandpa loved buying them for her.
Over the weekend, my grandma gave me a small journal. She told me that I should write down all the things I do on my trip to Sweden, and other trips. What I saw, did, enjoyed. She wished she would have done it. Now she can't remember the details of where she's been or what she did. It was a small gesture. But, something that I will do and will be greatful for all of my life. Grandmas really are important.

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