July 17, 2009

Danish danish

Our last morning in Copenhagen. Alaina had read about this fabulous place to get Smorabord - Danish-style open faced sandwiches. The sandwiches were served in sushi-size, so you could order a selection to try. We had a plane to catch, so we ended up having breakfast and ordering our lunch to-go from this place. it was a quaint garden area, surrounded by store walls. The flowers in the garden were lovely, and the waitresses wore cute 50's-inspired waist aprons. Finally, we found a place that served Danish danishes, we couldn't have been more excited. It was, hands-down, the best danish I've ever had. We gathered up out things, packed up our lunch and headed to the train station, bound for the airport. Our short train ride didn't give us much time to enjoy our small smorabord sandwiches. We all loved one or two of our sandwiches (the others were ok to un-edible). The shrimp salad was my favorite.
After our short flight into Sweden, we took about a 25 minute cab ride to our friend's appartment. The scenery was strickingly familiar. The Swedish countryside looks remarkably like northern Minnesota. We arrived at our temporary home, hugged our friends and settled in. We took a nice stroll through a park and up a giant hill to view the city of Uppsala, the place our friends now call home (for a couple of years, anyway). With our box wine in hand, we settled along the river to catch-up and relax. We grilled dinner and picniced in their courtyard. It was a mostly relaxing day, the least amount of walking we had done so far. The night sky was clear, showing off an amazing sunset, around 11-11:30 pm. Our Swedish adventures are just beginning.

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