July 21, 2009

There was no Gopher

Our first full day in Sweden began with a morning run. We then had breakfast, got ready, and packed our things. We were boarding The Love Boat for Helsinki later that afternoon.
We leisurely made our way from Uppsala to Stockholm, our first of many 40 minute train rides. Again we were amazed at the landscape's simmilarity to Northern Minnesota. We stopped in at our friend's office (he's a transplant from a local company, where two of my fellow travelers also work). We then took a subway and another bus to the port.
The Viking Line cruiser was bigger than I had expected. It was slightly smaller than the other cruise ships I'd been on in the past, but still had multiple bars, dining locations, and entertainment. We perched ourselves at the front of the boat, overlooking Stockholm as we set sail. The surroundings were beautiful. Multiple small islands, some inhabited, some barely larger than an SUV. We watched the scenery until all we could see was water. Our boat cruise included an all you can eat (and drink) buffet, which we did our best to take advantage of (note our protruding, full bellies in one photo). This was a perfect opportunity to taste many Scandanavian dishes, as well as other eastern treats. The pickled herring was pretty good, although I still prefer salmon. After dinner, we joined some of our fellow cruisers for the club scene, for some dancing and merriment. We opted for an earlier night, as there was a lot of walking and sightseeing to be done the next day in Helsinki.
Around 11 pm, I managed another sunset photo. Thanks to Erica again for all of her great photos (she had the great idea of photographing our super-full tummies, post buffet).

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