August 21, 2009

eyes bulging out of my head!

if you are the least bit hungry, do NOT click on the link!
Thanks to my procrastinator-enabling bff "stumble" I've run across a delicious website a few times. (stumble is an ap for your web browser you can download, then you click the "stumble" button and it pulls up random websites related to your interests...phenomenal time-waster!).
I happened upon the website today and spent several minutes perusing (drooling) over the content. Being the food-junkie (I'm not sure that I qualify as a foodie) that I am, I have a hard time turning away from such beautiful photos and the exorberant number of recipes.
Even if you don't like cooking. Even if you just like eating. You should check out this website. I promise it'll make your tummy growl. You might even drool a little (I did).

Happy fooding.
Soon to come: my reaction to the newest MN Viking (once I decide just how I feel about his traitorous actions, errr, I mean, how I feel about his wishy-washy decision making, um, wait, I really meant, oh forget it...more to come later).