August 21, 2009

green to purple

Yep, Brett Favre is a Viking.
I should have posted about this weeks ago, publicly made my claim that his holiness would wimp out on training camp and sign with the purple people eaters during pre-season games. I should have called it out on my blog, but I didn't. I thought it, though, I really did.
The newspapers and Vikings administration can say what they want. I whole heartedly believe that Farve had a verbal agreement with his buddy Chili (Viking's head coach Brad Childress) that he would sign after training camp. (Why else would ticket sales for the Green Bay and Bears games be held back?) I get it, Farve is a great QB, he's also hurt and near 40. I understand why he doesn't want to put his body through the stresses and rigor of training camp. He's holding out for the much bigger stresses and rigor of the NFL season. From a management standpoint, I can understand why Childress wouldn't want Brett to sign before skipping out of training camp (who would want all those players to be whining that Brett doesn't have to practice?).
All that being said, I'm really on a fence about how I feel about Farve being a Viking.
1. I love my Vikes & they really, desperately, terribly, badly needed a decent QB.
2. Brett Favre is a great QB.
3. Favre is a whining cry-baby, who LOVES media attention. (The media love to talk about him, too)
4. I'm retired, no I'm not. I'm retired, no I'm not.
5. Farve is nearly 40, and injured.
6. The media attention & ticket sales Farve has sparked is good for the Vikes. Fans are excited. Maybe all the games will be on TV this year.
7. Farve knows the Viking system.
8. Farve is 90% playing with the Vikings to shove it in Green Bay's face (this is both good (the fire of intention) and bad (how about WANTING to play for the Vikes?), the vindictive little punk).
9. Favre is a tank, plays through injury and pain.
10. Favre is already injured and has a torn bicep (but he's had that for years).
I admit, Favre could be awesome for the Vikes, making us actual real contenders. He is certainly a better option that T-Jack, or Rosenfeld. It helps that the NFC North is a pretty weak division, and that we have a solid offense (although, sometimes mis-guided), and a great defense. Favre could be the missing piece that brings it all together. Then again, MN sports have a tendency to fall apart at crucial moments. Farve is also old, prone to becoming broken. I hope the Vikings can put together a banner year, play some solid football and take a run at surpassing previous year's outcomes. I've got my purple pride (as always), and wont put all of my hope in one player, but rather will keep supporting the whole team. Go Vikes!

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