October 20, 2009

I have to go...

This afternoon, as I took a quick sky-way stroll a young man stopped me "can I ask you a question?" He was dressed nicely, cleanly shaven (and there was plenty of people around). I kept walking and nodded. He asked if I knew where the Hilton was. (I saw this man come out of the restroom, right across from the Hilton.) I pointed behind us and continued walking. I thought things were a bit odd, but there were plenty of people around. "Can I ask you another question?" he politely asked me. "Yes." I was rather surprised by what I heard next.
"Have you accepted Jesus into your life?"
I didn't look back, I didn't see his face. I replied "I gotta go" and quickened my pace. He didn't follow me, I checked.
Yes, I have accepted Jesus into my life, but I'm not discussing my religious beliefs with a perfect stranger while on a short lunch-break walk.
I'm sorry, but what a weirdo! No matter what my religious beliefs are, I don't expect anyone else to buy into what I believe. Nor do I expect anyone else to impose their beliefs upon me (or anyone else). Open discussion about ideas and beliefs is fine, I believe it furthers our knowledge base, but you cannot tell me what to believe in. Certainly there are appropriate times and places for such discussion, open-minded discussions. I am not very strongly opinionated about much, but DO NOT impose your beliefs upon me or anyone else.
Thank you.


Tim said...

What a weirdo indeed. If you had turned around and said that last paragraph to the person, he'd probably look at YOU funny.

Don't talk to strangers, Angie. It's not safe in St Paul skyways at noon anymore. :)

doahleigh said...

Oh ugh. That's annoying. And I imagine not at all effective.

Ben said...

Short version of a funny story:

I was once walking down the street when I was approached by two Mormons. For some reason, they had decided to let me pass by without too much of a hassle... until, that is, they noticed the words "University of Utah" on the t-shirt I was wearing. "Utah!" they exclaimed. "Yep," I replied while increasing my speed. That was close.