November 9, 2009

Dear Credit Card,

This is absolutely unfair. I am not happy that you are changing the terms of our agreement. I am appalled that you want me to transfer $3000 by mid-December. If I refuse to do so, you will cancel me. I do not appreciate being bullied. Either I transfer $3000, which I DO NOT want to do. Or, I have my credit card (which I rather liked before this incident) canceled and am forced to find a new credit card. Opening a new credit card will, in turn, hurt my credit score (albeit temporarily). So, credit card... YOU SUCK!
I'm angry with the money industry in general. Stop making gigantic stupid decisions/business practices which impact a great population of people. And, yes, credit card, I know you're one of the institutions in financial dilema right now. Sorry, not my fault. I should not be punished for your "mistakes" (please note, I don't believe they are mistakes, so I use that word very losely).
I am now shopping for a fair and honest credit card company who will not pull the rug out from underneath me.

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willikat said...

Say whhhaaaaaaaaaa?

We need to talk about this tomorrow.