November 4, 2009


this morning, on my drive to work, i was listening to a morning show. this particular radio station tends towards rap and hip-hop and generally caters to a younger crowd. they have many contests/skits on the morning show that make me roll my eyes and turn the station in disgust. this morning, however, i was suckered into listening. it was like a train wreck for my ears, i couldn't turn away.
first the dj talked about "the 4 main reasons a man wont marry a woman"
he listed off these 4 reasons, discussing each one. some made more (logical) sense than others.
then, the dj claimed that most men make the excuse that they "can't afford the ring she deserves". so, this dj is offering to buy the girl a $1000 ring. then, live on the radio, they will show up to wherever this guy is and see if he will propose (right then and there) with the ring the dj bought. if he proposes and they get married within two weeks, the girl gets to keep the ring.
and some girl called in, wanting to do this.
um, WHAT?!?!
ok, how on earth could this plan possibly work out?
first off, they are putting the guy on the spot. why not put a gun to his head and make him propose? he probably wont want to look like a douche on the radio, so i suspect he'll do it.
secondly, where is this girl's sense of pride. how about you don't be in a hurry to tie the knot, or maybe you should propose to him?
thirdly, maybe he's got a plan. maybe he's working his plan (although slower than you'd like). i could maybe all afternoon...maybe he is a douche and you just aren't "the one".
there's a million different scenarios here, but honestly, would you really want a guy to propose to you because a dj bought a $1000 ring and you showed up at this guys door, live on the radio?
really, is that what you want???


Tim said...

And people wonder why the divorce rate is so high. I think a lot of people are stupid and willing to do something like this. As you said, you either get a forced proposal the guy isn't ready to make or an incredibly uncomfortable non-proposal live on the radio. Sounds like a real win-win situation there...

doahleigh said...

Um no, not at all. I hate the whole ring/proposal culture. That is has to be some amazingly huge expensive ring, that the woman has to wait for the man to propose, that sometimes it doesn't even matter if they really should be getting married in the first place.

So no, this is not a good plan.