November 2, 2009

new dishes

Friday night, it was rainy and cold. McGruff and I debated what to do that evening. He was out in the northern metro, helping his dad with something and I was on my way home from work. Last-minute, we opted to cash in a gift card that's been burning a hole in my wallet. We made our way to a rather small, but very inviting and comfortable Indian restaurant, Dancing Ganesha.
The walls were a warm honey color, the light shades were blue, the dark wood was complimented beautifully with an abundance of Indian pictures. The staff was beyond friendly.
The restaurant had been open for about a year & half, but was just recently under new management. The hostess informed me that they were really starting to turn things around. I could see... it was a beautiful, intimate setting. I was really getting excited for a new culinary experience.
The restaurant was rather crowded, mostly with happy-hour patrons (happy hour was an excellent deal and runs until 7). Since we didn't have reservations we had to wait close to a half hour for a table. We were seated next to the giant windows, near the bar. We had a great view of the goings-ons and the food being served to the other diners.
We started our meal with a Blue Moon each, plus an order of calamari to share. The beers were refreshing, and the calamari was tender, with a nice crispy coating and great spice. We ordered, me Chicken in Coconut Curry, McGruff Lamb Vindaloo. We also ordered garlic naan (an Indian flat-bread). Our waitress was very helpful and nice. Our food was hot and delicious. Our plan was to share, so when the meals came out, it didn't matter who got what, which was good, since our waitress had it backwards (she told us the chicken was the lamb & vice-versa). I started off with the lamb (under the pretense it was the chicken), it was very spicy. Our waitress had warned us that the Lamb Vindaloo was the spiciest dish on their menu (McGruff loves spicy food). My mouth was very tingly from the heat, but it was delicious. After a small helping, we swapped serving bowls and I dug into the Coconut Curry Chicken. YUM! Luckily, we each liked our own meals best. We ate until beyond full, having plenty left over for lunch. We both agreed that our leftovers were even better.
I would highly recommend Dancing Ganesha. It was a little bit of a spendier evening (luckily, we had the gift certificate). I can't wait to go back.

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