November 3, 2009


I just read an article about how blogs are supposed to be opinion, not fact. It also said there should be interaction (comments) and a call to action. Interesting.

Last night I had a migraine and laid on the couch for 5+ hours.

The sky gets dark about 6pm now, it's sad. The light in the morning is not an adequate trade-off, I'd rather have sunlight until 7 pm.

Children express opinions in magnificent ways. Sometimes, my nephew gets mad at me (if he thinks it's been too long since I last saw him) and he'll refuse to talk or look at me.

I have a couple of really great friends that I only talk to once in a great while. They are still very near and dear to me.

Izzie's short hair cut on Grey's Anatomy makes me want to cut my hair boy-short...again.

I don't understand the point of Twitter. I don't care how famous you are, who cares that you ate a banana or went to the loo?

sorry blog-world... things to accomplish over here, I'm out.

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Miranda and/or Scott said...

Your take on Twitter made me laugh out loud over here. Hugs!