December 4, 2009

Caution: Slippery When Wet.

The water cooler bottle was empty this morning.
I walked the empty bottle over to the closet and heaved the full one out. I hoisted the bottle up and carried it over to the cooler. Upon turning the bottle over to place it on the cooler and make it glugg-glugg, the bottle slipped. Crashed to the ground. Bounced. Water started spraying out of the flat part of the bottle. Um. Crap. I tried to wrap my arms around the spraying bottle. Tried to grab the slippery sides. After 3 attempts, I managed to wrestle the bottle onto the cooler. The carpet is all wet now. The broken portion of the bottle is at the top, now that the bottle is upside down. I decided this was the best solution (and the driest). My arm is wet and cold, and I hope that no one in the office notices.


doahleigh said...

It's just like in the movies. :)

Anonymous said...

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