December 7, 2009

road rage

Saturday evening, after a long day of errands, house work, and shopping, McGruff and I were headed home. As we were on the entrance ramp to the freeway, he commented that the guy behind us was right on his bumper. On the freeway, the guy didn't back off. Eventually, the white car pulled up next to us and purposely swerved at us, hard. Luckily MG didn't over-react and swerve, we probably would have ended up in an accident. The freeway was fairly busy, plus we were driving his mom's big SUV (prone to roll-overs). MG, in anger, got back behind the white car, who promptly slammed on his breaks - flirting with a rear-ending. We escaped this lunatic's driving, unscathed.
I know that the other driver was being a jerk. He intentionally drove eratically and created situations for very serious accidents. So NOT cool. No amount of being a jerk back would teach this guy a lesson. He was completely un-safe. The rest of the ride home, I thought about how dangerous that driver was being. I thought about the possible consequences - a horrific accident, great injury, or even worse. I don't know what started his tailgating, or what exactly made him so angry with us. I do know that reckless driving like that is not worth it. No matter how angry another driver makes you - swerving into their car or slamming on your breaks when they're behind you just isn't worth it. The possibility of an accident is too great of a risk.

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