April 8, 2010


In college, I gave blood every 60 days or so. It made me feel good that I could do something so easy that helped out a person or family in need. Not to mention that I would come home to take some of the best naps of my college career (ah, the days of flexible schedules and afternoons off). I have since gotten away from blood donation, as it isn't nearly as easy to fit into my busy schedule. I know, bad reason. Where I donated in college, they used to give us a can of juice to sip while donating. I thought this was great, a distraction that helped keep blood sugar levels up.
The 2 places I've donated at post-college refuse any type of beverage during donation (even when I tried to bring my own). I felt ishy after my donations, drained and tired. I wasn't good for much post-donations, just lying on the couch and relaxing. Given how much I'm responsible for these days (plus adding in time for fun stuff, too), finding the time to donate has become increasingly difficult. It's something I would like to find the time and energy to do again.

In lieu of my blood donation, I did check the donor box when renewing my license this year. I know that isn't something anyone will benefit from anytime soon, but I thought just in case. (I plan on living through several more license renewals, just to let you know.) The idea of having my organs harvested out of my body seemed like a scary thing. Knowing my eyes or heart would be walking around in someone else's body, ick. But, then thinking about the good it could do, the hope it could renew, the possibilities the recipients might have. That warmed my heart and encouraged me greatly. I decided that I could try to improve someone elses life by donating parts of my body. Besides, I don't want my body to be buried anyway. Creamate me and let the ashes fly. I'd rather celebrate the life I am living, than have people mourn at my grave.

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