November 29, 2010

All Dressed Up

A couple of friends are meeting the big 3-0 with grace and a sense of adventure. One lovely friend celebrated with a weekend of camping with friends. Although the weather was a bit chilly, we enjoyed a lovely weekend together and huddled around the campfire. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity (and remember) to post some photos from that weekend.
Another friend highlighted his 30th with an 80's themed party. The plan was for party-goers to come dressed as their favorite 80's character. Challenge accepted.
MG and I brainstormed ideas. Google searched 80's tv and movies. Looked at many photos, before landing on a costume idea. We weren't going with our favorite 80's characters, we were going for fun and laughter.
Enter Jessica & Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
We were hoping to pull off these ridiculous costumes with flair.
After much store & internet hunting, I purchased my dress, red wig, gloves, and Roger's ears.
MG is a bit of a procrastinator, sometimes, so he was a bit more last minute. We ended up sewing him a pair of red sweatpants the week of the party (because we could only find them online for about $50...for sweatpants!). We armed him with yellow work gloves, white hair spray paint, the bunny ears (which I added orange frizzy "hair" too (also known as tule). While MG made his sweatpants (with a little bit of my assistance), I created his bow-tie and tail. Magically, everything came together.
He was a super cute Roger Rabbit! I think one of the best costumes at the party! (A friend came as 80's rock star Gem, she did a rock star job on her costume, too!) I think I pulled off an overly-vuluptous Jessica fairly well, too. It was a great party-theme idea, and we had a great time. Happy 30's friends!

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doahleigh said...

I thought about doing an 80s themed roller skating party for my 30th, but then I got lazy.

You guys are so cute!