November 28, 2010

oh my deliciousness

You know how much I like to cook.
I'm always hunting for new recipes, especially healthy treats.
Substitute applesauce for butter or oil? Check.
Use canned pumpkin with chocolate cake mix? Check.

I recently discovered the website. Well, I'm in love.
The first recipe I made from the site... absolutely delish!

The original recipe is for white chocolate & blueberry ginger cookies. Well, I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I am not a huge fan of white chocolate, nor could I find crystalized ginger at the grocery store. Well, no worries... I made it my own.

Dark Chocolate & Blueberry cookies.
original recipe, thanks to

My adjustments:
replace white chocolate with dark chocolate, add more.
omit crystalized ginger.

They are actually pretty healthy for you - thank the the inclusion of oats and wheat germ, which is loaded with all kinds of vitamins & nutrients. They are reasonable in fat and calories. Totally delicious.
MG thought they were awesome, as well... boy approved.

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