November 24, 2010

haha, sucker!

yep, I've been MIA again. Haven't really had anything that I was inspired to write about lately (sad), plus the regular blah-blah of being busy and junk.

Anyway, I am writing a Public Service Announcement today.

I'm big into money-saving. Coupons. Discounts. I'm an equal-opportunity discounter.
So, I was really excited yesterday when I happened across a website that touted itself as the next generation of ebay. Plus there was a slew of supporting evidence, television news stations such as NBC, CNN, etc, had verified the greatness of this website. Awesome, and just in time for the holidays!
So, I signed-up for an account. Upon creating a user name and password, I had to submit credit card information. I didn't really think much about this, as it is a site where you purchase things. You need an account on ebay before you can bid on stuff. The concept of this website is that you buy credits to use to make bids. Ok, fine. So, I am tinkering around the site, and I notice that I have 100+ credits. Hmmm? Weird, must be a "welcome to the club starter package" type thing. So, I make a few bids.
I get distracted. I do some other stuff. I log in to my email. BAM! An email thanking me for signing up, and another email RECEIPT! WHAT? I somehow purchased $75 worth of credits!! HOLY MORTHER LOVING EFFFFFFFER! Are you kidding me???
My mind flips through the whole registration process. Never got a verify your email address email. Never did a "check out" or "verify your purchase" type anything. I had absolutely NO idea that I'd bought these credits. Crap. So, I decide maybe I should just eat the $75 and bid on some stuff, hopefully I'll win. Trouble is, I had sent the link to McGruff, and he registered, too. Guess what? He somehow magically bought $75 worth of credits without his knowledge, too! Yeah, that's quite a coincidence, isn't it??!!
Now I'm pretty pissed. I go back on the webiste, looking for any kind of indication that says "when you sign up, you pay XXX dollars for credits." I see nothing. And, yes, I even read through the terms and conditions before I signed up. It doesn't say anything about a purchase while signing up. In fact, the sign up page says SIGN UP IS FREE. Wow, talk about mis-leading.
I've been in money-panic mode since. I sent an email to customer service (after mg was on hold for 15 minutes and gave up). The response I got was essentially: too bad, credits are not refundable.
So, I emailed my lawyer sister. da-da-da-daaaa! Thank God I have legal counsel to talk to free of charge. She looked at the site & said she saw where it implys you will be buying credits, but there is no opt-out option, and it isn't really very clear. She suggested that I complain again, this time telling the company that I will be contacting the BBB and Attorney General if we are not refunded in full. She suggested "deceptive trade practices" as an argument, yep, I'd agree with that!
So, I've emailed the company, yet again. Now, we wait.
Moral of this story is two-fold.
1. don't enter cc info, unless you are actually purchasing something (even if the site seems reputable)
2. NEVER EVER trust - IMO, they are fraudulent scammers.
remember: just say NO to


Miranda and/or Scott said...

What a bummer!! Thanks for the heads up though. And, nice to see you on the blog again. :)

doahleigh said...

Hey! Haven't heard from you in forever. I miss hearing the updates on life!

Lame about the scam, by the way.