February 1, 2011

makes me wanna...

write something.

Last night I started reading my second Lee Child book, the second in the Jack Reacher series.
When I started the first book, it took me a little while to be grabbed. I am a huge fan of James Patterson's books, which have super short chapters (2-6 pages is average), which makes it a perfect before-bed read for me. Child's chapters are a bit longer, which isn't a bad thing, except when I'm nearly asleep and want to stop reading at a reasonable end-point. Admittedly, it took me about 1/3 of the first book to really be hooked in, The Killing Floor, by Lee Child, however, ended up being one of the best books I've ever read.
Reading has become a fond pass-time of mine. I need some wind-down time before going to sleep, and reading is a good way to wind-down. Although I love Patterson's books, after reading several in a row, I need to change it up. It's not a Patterson thing, it's me. I did the same thing with Irving's books. I guess I get so used to the writing style that after a while I need something different.
Anyway, so, even after only reading two chapters of Die Trying, I'm 1) hooked and 2) inspired. There is something about the very colorful language that Child uses. He's immensely descriptive, even during the gory scenes (beware). As I read his words, I can vividly picture the scene unfolding. More than once, I've caught myself thinking "I wish I could write like that." Last night I thought "I WANT to write like that."
If I had the crazy imagination, time, and drive to really, I mean REALLY try at writing a book, I would. I think I have the drive, it's the imagination and time I'm not so sure about.

How about you, do you get inspired to write or create because of someone else's work? Do you have a muse?

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