February 4, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Up at 5:20 am
to the Y by 5:40
ran on the treadmill. at first, alternating between 5.0 mph and 5.8 mph (I am a SUPER SLOW runner, so I usually stick around 5-5.3, but I needed a hard workout). After a few minutes of rotating, I pushed myself up to 6.0, ran that for 2 minutes. HAH, I did it. Couldn't believe it. So, I got gutsy. After my "rest" at the 5.0 run, I upped the speed back to 6.0, I ran at that speed for the remainder of my workout... 14 - yes - FOURTEEN minutes.
Holy Hell!
I kid you not when I say that I often run at about 5.3 mph and after a few minutes need to walk, because I'm tired or my side hurts. I think I've run once or twice since the winter weather hit. So, I'm out of practice, too. I felt crazy tired, but SO excited/happy/amazed/rewarded by my run. (never thought I'd say THOSE words.)
I'm pretty excited to get back on the treadmill and try it again, see how well I do.
If you've read this far, you might be wondering why I haven't run again yet. Well, I suffer from some knee issues. Have since high school. So, my knees were a little sore yesterday, so I did the elliptical instead. it's much nicer on your joints. today was spin class. MG and I have been going every friday morning.
So, next week, I'll be back on the treadmill. Yes, I take the weekends off! Hopefully this isn't like my golf game, where every year my first round out is my best & I go downhill from there.
Let's see if I can create a re-do of one of the best workouts... and runs I've ever been on.

Do you have a workout success story? Or maybe you're struggling and are looking for some encouragement, 'cause that happens to us all. Please share.

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M. said...

Yay, Ang!! Happy to read about your treadmill success. Marathon training begins for us this week, so we've been getting reacquainted with the treadmill as well. Let's hope for nice spring outdoor running weather to arrive ASAP! Hope to catch up with you soon.