May 17, 2012

Flights Fare... Fair

Just booked our "honeymoon" (I use quotes because our destination wedding was kind of a honeymoon, but whatevs, I want to travel some more).
Anyway, I thought I'd throw out some kernals of wisdom learned while researching/planning/booking our airfare.
I learned that airfare is cheaper during the day than it is in the evening.
I looked during the day, found a price, went home that night to book, found the fares (on several sites) had gone up at least $20. Went back the next day, found fares back to the same day-time price as yesterday.
Lesson learned: search for and purchase airfare during the day.

We found a flight we liked, scoped it out on numerous sights, and found that pretty much the ONLY flight that fit our wants/needs was through Frontier airlines. Went on to Frontier's website - they offer a "classic" flight, which costs more, but you get some perks with it, including checking two bags for "free" (it's included in your booking price). Well, if one of us books out flight through Frontier, we each can check a bag for free. Done. One flight booked at the higher cost through Frontier, one flight booked at a better price through Orbitz.
Lesson learned: you don't have to book both flights through the same place. Hunt around for add-ins, and perks.

After booking our airfare yesterday, I was curious to see if prices were the same today (Thursday). I had heard somewhere, sometime ago, that airlines drop their prices after midnight on Wednesdays. Hmmm. Low-and-behold: Thursday morning, both of our flights were cheaper! RATZ! Well, with Frontier I was able to cancel our original booking (within 24 hours, no penalty) and re-book the same flight for... $40 CHEAPER! Yahoo! Since the other fligth it booked through Orbitz, I can't really do anything about it, other than hope that someone else books my flights at a cheaper rate (Orbitz has a lowest price guarantee). I'm really holding out for that, as today my flight was $50 cheaper.
Lesson learned: doesn't hurt to check back and re-fanagle your arrangements, if you can.

Just thought I'd share my learnin's with you.

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